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Pakistan | Family List | Mimosaceae | Acacia

Acacia modesta Wall., Pl.As.Rar. 2:27.t.130. 1831. Baker in Hook.f.,Fl.Brit. Ind.2:296.1878.

Vern. Phulai

S.I. Ali

A small or medium sized deciduous tree, young shoot glabrous to subglabrous, bark brownish or greenish grey, rough, prickles in pairs, below the petiole, compressed, recurved, dark brown, shining, 4-5 mm long, sometimes prickles absent. Rachis 1.2-5 cm long, with a small gland near the base and sometimes one between the uppermost pair of pinnae. Pinnae generally 2-3 pairs rarely 1, 1.2-2.5 cm long, leaflets 3-5 pairs, petiolulate, petiolule c. 1 mm long, lamina c. 4-10 mm long, c. 3-7 mm broad, broadly ovate or obovate, oblique, obtuse, glaucous, veins prominent. Inflorescence a pedunculate spike, c. 3.7-7.5 cm long, peduncle c. 1.3-2.5 cm long. Pedicel c. 1 mm long. Calyx 1-c.1.5 mm long, broadly campanulate, glabrous. Corolla c. 2-2.5 mm long. Stamens indefinite, filaments c. 5 mm long. Pod stipitate, stipe c. 5-6 mm long, pod proper c. 5-7 cm long, c. 8-10 mm broad, thin, flat, straight, glabrous, apex deltoid, mucronate, late dehiscing. Seeds 3-5.

Fl.Per. March-May.

Lectotype: Cultivated in Calcutta Botanical Gardens, Wallich 5230A (K-W).

Distribution: W. Pakistan (N.W.F. Province, Punjab, Baluchistan) ; India (Punjab, Uttar Pradesh) ; Afghanistan.

The wood is hard and durable. It is used for cane crushers. Persian wheels and agricultural implements. It is also used as fuel. The gum is used in medicine and the tender twigs for cleaning the teeth.


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