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17. Nepeta linearis Royle ex Benth. in Hook., Bot. Misc. 3: 377. 1833; Benth. in DC., Prodr. 12: 371. 1848; Hook. f., l.c. 657; Blatter, Beaut. Flow. Kashmir 2: 120. 1928; Mukerjee, l.c. 121; Rao in Bull. Bot. Surv. Ind. 2: 411. 1960; Stewart in Pak. J. For. 11: 52. 1961; Kitamura, Pl. W. Pak. & Afghan. 128. 1964; Stewart, Ann. Cat. Vasc. Pl. W. Pak. & Kashm. 623. 1972; Sharma & Kachroo, Fl. Jammu 262. 1981; Rech. f., l.c. 129; Kaul, Weed Fl. Kashmir valley 234. 1986.

I.C. Hedge

Perennial herb. Stems several, erect, 30-60 cm arising from a tuberous or fusiform rootstock, branched or not, leafy, with an eglandular indumentum of short adpressed retrorse hairs or ± glabrous. Leaves linear, 25-90 x 1.5-5 mm, sessile, ± cuneate, entire-margined, acute, below with a ± dense eglandular indumentum of short or long hairs and with sessile oil globules. Inflorescence an ovoid head or an oblong spike, continuous or interrupted, to c. 4 cm long. Inner bracts linear-subulate, ciliate, shorter than calyces. Flowers congested. Pedicels 1-2 mm. Calyx 9-10 mm, purplish, tubular-obtriangular, eglandular-pilose; throat straight, glabrous or villous within; teeth subequal, c. 1/2 to as long as calyx tube, acuminate, spinulose, ciliate. Corolla lilac to purplish pink, 12-15 mm; tube exserted, slightly curved; upper lip hooded. Mature nutlets not seen but in juvenile state smooth, shining, oblong-orbicular.

Fl. Per.: May-June.

Type: [Kashmir B-8] Sabatko, Royle.

Distribution: Pakistan, Kashmir, NW India.

Similar in several respects to Nepeta connate, which apparently has an identical distribution, but differing in the characters of leaf, calyx and corolla. It also seems to be an earlier-flowering plant. Field studies of the two species by local botanists would be profitable.


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