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2. Galium kurramensis Nazim., sp. nov. affmis Galium tricornuti sed planet glabra, fructu haud granulato saepe rhaphidibus piliformibus immersis proviso differs.


Herba annua, 10-15 cm. alta, glabra. Caulis hand ramosus, erectus, quadrangularis, angulis laevibus. Folia sessilia, 6-8-nata, anguste lanceolata, oblanceolata vel cuspidata, 12-25 x 1.5-2 mm., costa distincta, marginibus recurvis. Pedunculi breves, axillares, 1-3-flori, demum in fructu ± 5 mm longi. Flores albi; coronae lobi ovati, acuti, ± 1.5 mm longi; pedicelli 2-3 mm longi demum in fructu decurvi. Frnctus glaber, ± 2-4 mm diametro, saepe rhaphidibus albis piliformibus immersis provisus. Mericarpia (1-) 2.

Annual, 10-15 cm tall herb, whole plant glabrous. Stem unbranched, erect, 4-sided, angles perfectly smooth. Leaves sessile, 6-8 in a whorl, narrowly lanceolate-oblanceolate or cuspidate, 12-25 x 1.5-2 mm, midrib distinct, margin recurved. Peduncles short axillary, 1-3-flowered, c. 5 mm long in fruit. Flowers white. Corolla segments ovate, acute, c. 1.5 mm long, pedicel 2-3 mm long, decurved in fruit. Fruit glabrous, c. 2-4 mm in diameter, often with sunken hair-like raphide crystals, mericarps (1-) 2.

Fl. Per.: May.

Holotype: C-6 Parachinar, Shalozan, 21.5.1978, S. Nazimuddin & S. Abedin 1111 (KUH).

Distribution: Endemic to Kurram Valley, known from the type locality only.

This taxon is closely related to Galium tricornutum Dandy in fruit size, shape and decurved nature of pedicel, but it is easily distinguishable by having smaller unbranched and entirely glabrous habit. The fruits generally have peculiar white hair-like markings or otherwise glabrous whereas in Galium tricornutwn Dandy the stem is retrorsely and strongly scabrid, leaf margin and midrib retrorsely aculeolate and fruits are granulate to tuberculate.


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