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Pakistan | Family List | Zygophyllaceae

Seetzenia R.Br. in Denham & Clapperton, Narr. Trav.Afr.App. 231. 1826. Benth.& Hook., Gen.Pl. 1:266.1862; Edgeworth & Hook.f. in Hook.f., F1.Brit.lnd. 1:424.1872; Engler in Engler & Prantl, Natur. Pflanzenfam. ed.2. 19a: 160.1931; Hutch.,Gen. Fl.Pl. 2:620.1968.

Seetzenia lanata

Credit: Azmat

  • Seezenia Nees

    Perennial, prostrate, glabrous to scabrous herbs. Leaves opposite, stipulate, palmately trifoliolate; leaflets obovate, apiculate. Flowers small, bisexual, pedicel¬late, actinomorphic, hypogynous; disc small, 5-lobed. Sepals 5, cucullate. Petals absent. Stamens 5, inserted on the disc, filaments filiform, without scales at the base; anthers somewhat globose. Carpels 5; ovary sessile, pentagonous, sulcate, truncate, with 5 uniovulate locules; styles and stigmas as many as carpels, free. Fruit a 5-angled, ovoid, pendulous capsule, dehiscent into 5, one-seeded cocci from persistent central axis, cocci with fleshy exocarp and bony endocarp. Seeds oval, testa thick, 3-layered, outer membranous, middle slimy and inner coria¬ceous.

    Species 2, distributed in north and south Africa, Middle East, Iran, Pakistan and south west India.

    Lower Taxon

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