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Drummondia Hooker in T. Drummond, Musci Bor. Am. (Rocky Mts.). n. 62. 1828.
[conserved name; For Thomas Drummond (ca. 1780--1835), Scottish botanist who collected extensively on two expeditions to North America]

Dale H. Vitt

Plants of medium size. Stem leaves erect-appressed and stiff when dry, oblong or lanceolate, obtuse, acute or cuspidate, channeled, concave; margins entire; costa strong; basal laminal cells rectangular to quadrate; distal laminal cells small, ± rounded-quadrate. Perichaetial leaves longer, clasping seta; gemmae not produced. Sexual condition dioicous or autoicous. Seta less than 5 mm. Capsule ovate to oblong, neck absent; stomates absent or superficial in lower portion of capsule; peristome single, of 16 rudimentary, truncate, smooth teeth. Calyptra cucullate, long-conic, smooth, naked. Spores less than 100 µm.

Species 6 (1 in theflora): North America, Mexico, South America, Asia.

Branched, prostrate stems and the cucullate calyptra characterize this genus.

Lower Taxon

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