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Abrodictyum Presl


Description from Flora of China

Macroglena (C. Presl) Copeland; Selenodesmium (Prantl) Copeland; Trichomanes subg. Macroglena C. Presl; T. sect. Selenodesmium Prantl.

Plants epiphytic or terrestrial. Rhizome short, erect or shortly creeping, bearing several fronds in a tuft or fronds closely spaced; hairs on rhizome multicellular, dense or not. Stipe columnar, wingless, hairy at base and glabrous or very sparsely hairy upward. Lamina small to medium-sized, pendulous or erect, bipinnate to tripinnatifid, membranous to papery, semitransparent to coarse; ultimate segments narrowly linear, with a single veinlet, entire at margin; veins dichotomous, internal cells not specialized, or transversely elongate in obliquely longitudinal rows (marginal cells not so elongate), walls conspicuously coarsely pitted. Sori apical on short acroscopic segments; involucres funnel-shaped or tubular, with dilated mouth, entire; receptacles long projecting, slender.

About ten species: tropics and subtropics in Asia to Oceania; three species in China.


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