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Acanthochlamys P. C. Kao


Description from Flora of China

Rhizomes short, with tufted roots. Leaves basal, subterete, grooved, base sheathing. Flowering stems erect, simple, slightly shorter than leaves. Inflorescence an abbreviated cyme, capitate, (1 or)2--5-flowered; bracts 8--18 per flower, sheathing stem, leaflike. Flowers bisexual, actinomorphic; pedicel very short. Perianth corollalike; segments basally connate into a tube, inner ones slightly smaller than outer. Stamens inserted opposite perianth segments, outer ones slightly larger than inner and attached near middle of perianth tube; inner ones attached at base of inner perianth segments and with short filaments; anthers nearly dorsifixed, locules 2, parallel; connective slightly exserted. Ovary inferior; ovules many. Style columnar; stigma (2 or)3-lobed. Fruiting a capsule, obliquely lanceolate, slightly 3-angled, beaked. Seeds numerous, ellipsoid.

Acanthochlamys has also been treated as belonging to the Velloziaceae (Wu, J. Jap. Bot. 63: 297--311. 1988) or placed in its own family, the Acanthochlamydaceae (Kao, Acta Bot. Sichuan. 1--14. 1989).

* One species: China.


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