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Anacardium (Linn.) Rottboell


Description from Flora of China

Evergreen trees or shrubs, andro-monoecious with functionally staminate and bisexual flowers in same inflorescence. Leaves petiolate, simple; leaf blade margin entire. Panicle terminal, frondo-bracteate with numerous branches. Calyx 5-parted, cup-shaped with pointed lobes. Petals 5, recurved at anthesis. Stamens 7-10, usually 1(or 2) noticeably larger; filament fused basally; anther broadly ellipsoid. Disk lacking. Ovary obovoid, asymmetrical, 1-locular and 1-ovulate; style 1, lateral, linear. Pedicel enlarging after anthesis into a fleshy hypocarp bearing fruit; fruit a nutlike glabrous drupe with bony endocarp.

Ten species: tropical America; one species (introduced) in China.


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