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Description from Flora of China

Trees, evergreen. Stipules and stipels absent. Leaves imparipinnate; petiole and petiolules often basally thickened; leaflet blades (sub)opposite. Inflorescences terminal and with racemes in groups of 2-5 in axils of leaves at tips of branches; bracts longer than corresponding buds and covering them, soon caducous. Calyx cup-shaped; teeth inconspicuous. Petals ± equal, all long clawed, glabrous; standard curved upward, without basal calluses; wings partly fused to keel. Stamens monadelphous; anthers orbicular, dehiscing by a short slit at tip. Ovary stipitate or subsessile, with trichomes, with 2-6 ovules; style subulate, short. Legume inflated, not winged, dehiscent; valves woody, vacuous inside. Seeds 1(or 2), compressed globose, shiny; hilum round, ca. 3 mm in diam.

Five species: S China, Thailand, Vietnam; two species in China.

(Authors: Wei Zhi (韦直); Les Pedley)


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