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Brassaiopsis Decne. et Planch.


Description from Flora of China

Pseudobrassaiopsis R. N. Banerjee.

Trees or shrubs, hermaphroditic or andromonoecious, armed or occasionally unarmed. Leaves simple and unlobed, palmately lobed, or palmately compound, margins entire or more often serrate; stipules united with petiole at base. Inflorescence a terminal panicle or raceme of umbels; bracts small or absent, often caducous. Pedicels not articulate below ovary. Calyx rim 5-toothed. Petals 5, valvate. Ovary 2(-5)-carpellate; styles as many as carpels, united into a persistent column. Fruit a drupe, globose to ellipsoid or obloid, sometimes slightly compressed laterally. Seeds 1 (by abortion) or 2(-5), endosperm ruminate or uniform.

"Euaraliopsis" (Hutchinson, Gen. Fl. Pl. 2: 80. 1967) belongs here but was not validly published because the apparent replaced synonym, "Araliopsis" (Kurz, Rep. Veg. Andaman Isl. 39. 1870, not Araliopsis Engler, 1896), was itself not validly published because Kurz merely cited "Araliopsis andamanica Kurz" in the synonymy of Brassaiopsis palmata (Roxburgh) Kurz. Consequently the following species names, which belong with the corresponding Brassaiopsis names below, are not validly published either: "E. ciliata," "E. dumicola," "E. fatsioides" (together with "E. palmipes"), "E. ferruginea" (together with "E. emeiensis"), "E. ficifolia," "E. hainla," "E. hispida," and "E. moumingensis."

About 45 species: S and SE Asia; 24 species (ten endemic) in S and SW China.

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