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Cancrinia Kar. et Kir.


Description from Flora of China

Poljakovia Grubov & Filatova.

Subshrubs or perennial herbs, compact, tomentose. Leaves alternate to rosulate, dense or lax. Capitula terminal, solitary or several and corymbose, homogamous, discoid. Involucres hemispheric or cup-shaped; phyllaries herbaceous, in 3 or 4 rows, margin brown, dark brown, or hyaline scarious. Receptacle convex or flat, epaleate. Florets all bisexual, yellow, tubular, fertile, 5-lobed, with a narrow tube and a distinct limb. Anther obtuse at base, with apical ovate-lanceolate appendage. Style branches linear. Achenes trigonously terete, faintly 5- or 6-ribbed, glabrous or sparsely pilose. Corona of 5-12 pappuslike lanceolate scales ca. as long as or slightly longer than corolla.

About 30 species: C Asia, China, Mongolia, Russia; five species in China.

(Authors: Shi Zhu (石铸 Shih Chu); Christopher J. Humphries, Michael G. Gilbert)


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