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Carlesia Dunn


Description from Flora of China

Herbs, perennial. Taproot stout, long-conic, usually digitate-branched. Stem erect, glabrous, branching, base densely clothed with fibrous remnant sheaths. Basal leaves numerous, petiolate; blade long-ovate to oblong, 3-pinnatisect; pinnae shortly petiolulate; ultimate segments linear, entire, margins narrowly reflexed, apex acute, both surfaces glabrous. Cauline leaves 2–3-pinnatisect. Umbels compound, terminal and lateral; bracts several, linear; rays numerous, spreading; bracteoles several, subulate to linear; pedicels short. Flowers white. Calyx teeth conspicuous, ovate-triangular. Petals obovate, apex narrowly inflexed, mid-rib conspicuous. Stylopodium conic; styles 2–3 × stylopodium, ca. equal to fruit. Fruit long-obovoid or ellipsoid-ovoid, slightly dorsally compressed, rough-puberulent; ribs obtuse; vittae 3 in each furrow, 4 on commissure. Seed face plane. Carpophore bifid at apex.

One species: China, Korea.

(Authors: She Menglan (佘孟兰 Sheh Meng-lan); Mark F. Watson)


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