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Chisocheton Bl.


Description from Flora of China

Trees, dioecious or polygamo-dioecious. Leaves in spirals, large, pinnate, usually pseudogemmulate; leaflets opposite to subopposite; leaflet blades with margin entire. Inflorescences generally axillary thyrses or spikes. Flowers 4-6-merous, narrow and extended. Calyx cup-shaped or tubular, margin entire or ± dentate. Petals 4-6, distinct, linear-oblong, imbricate to valvate in bud. Staminal tube slightly shorter than petals, margin lobed or entire; anthers alternating with filament tube lobes, oblong, usually locellate. Disk usually absent, sometimes annular or shallowly cup-shaped, surrounding ovary. Ovary 2-4-locular, outside covered with thick trichomes, with 1 ovule per locule; style linear, much longer than ovary; stigma capitate. Capsule 2-4-locular, leathery, with 2-4 irregular valves. Seeds 1 or 2 per valve, thick, scutelliform to orange-segment-shaped.

About 53 species: tropical Asia and W Pacific; one species in China.

(Authors: Peng Hua (彭华); David J. Mabberley)


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