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Cordia Linn.


Description from Flora of China

Trees or shrubs. Leaves alternate, rarely opposite, usually evidently petiolate, margin entire or serrate, rarely lobed. Cymes mostly corymbose, ebracteate. Flowers bisexual, frequently heterostylous or ± functionally unisexual. Calyx tubular or campanulate, enlarged after anthesis, persistent. Corolla white, yellow, or orange-red, campanulate to funnelform, usually (4- or) 5(-8)-lobed; lobes antrorse or recurved. Stamens usually well developed; filaments often pubescent at base. Ovary 4-loculed, glabrous; ovule 1 per locule. Style twice 2-cleft, each branch with a spatulate or capitate stigma. Drupes ovoid, globose, or ellipsoid, frequently with watery or sticky fleshy mesocarp and bony endocarp, rarely with corky mesocarp or nutlike without fleshy mesocarp. Seeds 1-4, without endosperm; cotyledons plicate.

About 325 species: mostly in tropics of North and South America, poorly represented in Africa and Asia; five species in China.

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