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Cremanthodium Benth.


Description from Flora of China

Herbs, perennial. Rhizomes short, with rosette leaves, very rarely without rosette leaves. Roots fleshy, numerous. Stem arising from outer axil of rosette leaves, solitary, or 2- or 3-crowded, usually scapelike. Leaves all or many crowded and basal, petiolate; petiolar base broadly sheathed; leaf blade palmately, pinnately, or parallel veined. Stem leaves alternate, bracteal, with or without sheath. Capitula solitary or many in raceme, nodding; leaflike bracts linear, rarely broadly ovate or elliptic. Involucre hemispheric, rarely broadly campanulate, base rounded; phyllaries in 2 rows, imbricate, outer phyllaries narrow; inner phyllaries broad, often margin membranous, or phyllaries in 1 row, equal in size, base united; all phyllaries outside glabrous or hairy, apex ciliate. Receptacle flat, without scales. Outer florets female, radiate or rarely narrowly tubular; lamina well developed, diverse, usually several times as long as involucre, rarely absent. Central florets tubular, bisexual; limb 5-lobed. Anthers basally obtuse. Style branches compressed, apex obtuse or triangular, papillose-hairy. Achenes glabrous, ribbed. Pappus of denticulate hairs as long as or shorter than tubular corolla, rarely absent.

About 69 species: Bhutan, China, India, Kashmir, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan; 69 species (46 endemic) in China.

(Authors: Liu Shangwu (刘尚武); Irina D. Illarionova)


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