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1. Dalzellia Wight, Icon. Pl. 5: 34. 1852.

川藻属 chuan zao shu

Description from Flora of China

Terniopsis H. C. Chao.

Herbs, perennial. Roots flattened, branched. Stems arising laterally from root, distichous, simple or shortly branched. Leaves small, elliptic, flattened, sessile, imbricate in 3 ranks, smaller on lateral ranks. Flowers 1 or 2, axillary to basal leaf, sessile, subtended by 2 bracts; bracts unequal, opposite. Tepals 3, membranous, basally connate. Stamens 2 or 3; filaments free; anther basifixed, 4-loculed. Ovary 3-loculed. Stigmas 3. Capsule smooth, 3-valved.

Four species: Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Sri Lanka, Thailand; one species (endemic) in China.


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