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Epaltes Cass.


Description from Flora of China

Herbs, small, pubescent, branches spreading, prostrate, rather woody. Leaves alternate, obovate, dentate, sessile, not decurrent. Capitula axillary, solitary, shortly pedunculate, heterogamous, disciform, florets yellow. Involucre hemispheric; phyllaries 1- or 2-seriate, oblong, obtuse, scarious, entire, incurved in fruit. Receptacle naked. Marginal florets female, numerous, many seriate, fertile; corolla elongate, slender, tubular, inflated below. Central disk florets bisexual, fewer, functionally male, tubular, 4- or 5-dentate. Anthers sagittate at base; endothecial tissue radial. Style of female and bisexual florets bifid; style branches with obtuse sweeping hairs reaching below furcation. Achenes cylindric, slender, broadly 10-ribbed, hairy at base. Pappus absent. x = 10.

About 14 species: Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and South America; two species in China.


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