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Geissaspis Wight et Arn.


Description from Flora of China

Herbs. Stipules membranous, spurred below point of insertion. Leaves paripinnate, 4-foliolate; leaflets opposite, subsessile. In­florescences axillary or terminal racemes; peduncle long; bracts large, reniform, imbricate, membranous, striate, persistent, margin ciliate. Flowers small. Bracteoles absent. Hypanthium short. Calyx tubular, membranous, deeply 2-lipped, abaxial lip with incon­spicuous lobes, adaxial lip entire and often cucullate. Corolla purple or yellow, 2-3 × as long as calyx; standard almost orbicular, nearly fattened, without an auricle; wings shorter than standard, obliquely obovate, without an auricle; keel short. Stamens mona­delphous; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile, with 1 or 2 ovules; style inflexed; stigma small, capitate. Legume a loment, small, inflated, shortly stipitate, indehiscent, reticulate veined, margin conspicuously flattened, with 1 or 2 articles. Seeds 1 per article.

Three species: tropical Asia and Africa; one species in China.


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