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Gymnocarpium Newman


Description from Flora of China

Carpogymnia (H. P. Fuchs ex Janchen) Á. Löve & D. Löve; Currania Copeland; Thelypteris sect. Carpogymnia H. P. Fuchs ex Janchen.

Plants terrestrial, summer-green, small to medium-sized. Rhizomes long creeping, blackish brown, glabrate, clothed with brown, thin, broadly lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate scales at apices and stipe bases. Fronds distant; stipe thin, much longer than lamina, dark brown at base, upper part stramineous, U-shaped grooved adaxially; lamina simple-pinnatipartite to 3-pinnate-pinnatifid, deltoid-ovate to pentagonal-oval, base articulate to stipe apex, apex acuminate; pinnae stalked or sessile, articulate to rachis, basal pair not shortened. Veins free, pinnate in ultimate segments, lateral veins simple or occasionally forked, terminating at margin. Lamina herbaceous or thinly herbaceous, stipe apex, rachis, costae, and lamina ± with hyaline or pale yellow glands on surfaces, or glands absent. Sori oblong or orbicular, exindusiate, abaxial on veins, uniseriate along each side of costule or midrib. Spores bean-shaped, perispore surface rugate, folds lobed, foveolate or sometimes reticulate. x = 40.

Two sections, ten species, and several hybrids: temperate zone of the N Hemisphere (Asia, Europe, and North America) and subtropical mountains of Asia, occurring in forests; five species (two endemic) in China.

(Authors: Wang Zhongren (王中仁); Kathleen M. Pryer)


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