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Halogeton C. A. Mey.


Description from Flora of China

Herbs annual. Stem erect, much branched, glabrous or arachnoid hairy. Leaves alternate, sessile, terete, fleshy, base expanded, apex obtuse or aristate awned; leaf axil fascicular pilose. Flowers borne in axillary glomerules, bisexual and female (plants polygamous), with 2 bractlets. Perianth conic, 5-parted; segments lanceolate or broadly so, in fruit with a membranous wing near apex abaxially. Stamens 2 or 5; anthers oblong, without an appendage. Ovary ovoid, laterally compressed; style short; stigmas 2, filiform. Fruit a utricle, enclosed by perianth; pericarp membranous, adnate to seed. Seed vertical or horizontal, orbicular; testa membranous or subleathery; embryo spiral; perisperm absent.

About three species: N Africa, C and SW Asia, S Europe; two species in China.


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