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Ixonanthes Jack.


Description from Flora of China

Trees. Stipules small, scalelike. Leaves alternate, simple; leaf blade pinnately veined, margin entire or glandular serrate. Inflorescences axillary near branch apex, dichasially corymbose. Flowers bisexual. Sepals 5, basally connate, persistent, expanded and fleshy to leathery in fruit. Petals 5, persistent. Stamens 10 or 20; filaments inserted outside and against disk, irregularly coiled in bud, elongating at anthesis; anthers verticillate, 2-celled, dehiscent by longitudinal slits. Disk bowl-shaped, entire or slightly lobed, free from ovary. Ovary superior, 5-locular, placentation axile, with 2 pendulous ovules per locule; style 1; stigma capitate or mushroom-shaped, margin slightly lobed. Capsule oblong or conical, leathery or woody, septicidal, sometimes with a false septum at middle of each carpel. Seeds winged or crowned with a mitriform aril; endosperm fleshy; embryo straight.

Ixonanthes is sometimes included in the Ixonanthaceae or Linaceae.

Three species: tropical Asia; one species in China.


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