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Lepyrodiclis Fenzl


Description from Flora of China

Herbs annual. Stems ascending or diffuse, branched. Leaves linear-lanceolate or lanceolate; stipules absent. Inflorescence a panicle of cymes; bracts immediately subtending calyx absent. Sepals 5. Petals 5, white or reddish, margin entire or emarginate. Stamens (7--)10(--14). Ovary 1-loculed; ovules few; styles 2(or 3). Capsule globose, 2(or 3)-valved. Seeds 1 or 2(or 3), small, testa thick, tuberculate; embryo curved.

Three species: Asia; two species in China.

(Authors: Lu Dequan; Richard K. Rabeler)


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