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Lycopodiastrum Holub


Description from Flora of China

Plants large, terrestrial. Rhizome long and creeping, aerial shoots woody and vinelike, terete, with sparse leaves. Sterile branches soft, yellowish green, terete, dichotomously branched with well-differentiated lateral branchlets much branched; leaves spirally arranged, but leaf base twisted and making branchlets complanate, dense, ascending, subulate, herbaceous. Fertile branches soft, reddish brown, branchlets flattened, dichotomously branched with well-differentiated lateral branchlets; leaves spirally arranged, sparse, appressed, scalelike; bracts similar to leaves on aerial shoots but smaller; strobili 6-26 per peduncle and terminal on multi-dichotomously branched peduncles forming a cone shape, with erect peduncles and pedicels, bent, reddish brown; sporophylls broadly ovate, imbricate, thickly membranous, with irregular teeth on margin, apex acute, with membranous long awn. Sporangia borne in axils of sporophylls, enclosed, yellow, reniform.

One species: widely distributed in tropics and subtropics of Asia extending eastward to Papua New Guinea.


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