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Macadamia F. Muell.


Description from Flora of China

Trees or tall shrubs. Leaves whorled, margin entire or spiny serrate. Inflorescences axillary or sometimes terminal, a raceme or rarely a panicle of flower pairs; bracts of flower pairs early caducous; floral bracts absent. Flower bisexual. Pedicels free. Perianth tube slightly curved; limb segments clavate, free, recurved at anthesis. Stamens inserted slightly below limb; anthers oblong; connective produced into an appendage. Hypogynous glands connate into a cup or ring. Ovary sessile; ovules 2, orthotropous. Style straight or bent, apex clavate; stigma terminal, small. Fruit tardily dehiscent; pericarp thick, hard, leathery. Seed 1 and globose or rarely 2 and hemispheric; cotyledons fleshy.

About nine species: Australia and Indonesia (Sulawesi); two species (introduced) in China.


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