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Murraya Koenig


Description from Flora of China

Bergera J. Koenig ex Linnaeus; Camunium Adanson.

Shrubs or trees, unarmed, without rust-colored villosulous indumentum on terminal and axillary bud or young inflorescences. Leaves alternate, odd-pinnate (occasional leaves even-pinnate or 1-foliolate). Inflorescences terminal or terminal and axillary, paniculate or reduced to cymes or few to several-flowered racemes. Flowers bisexual, ellipsoid to obovoid, or narrowly so or subcylindric in bud. Sepals 4 or 5, connate at base or to ± half their length. Petals 4 or 5, imbricate in bud. Stamens (5-)8 or 10, distinct, alternately unequal in length; filaments linear or sublinear, ± straight. Disk annular, pulvinate, or columnar. Gynoecium 2-5-loculed, syncarpous; radial walls of locules straight; ovules 1 or 2 per locule; style 3-7 × as long as ovary, deciduous in fruit or sometimes basal portion persistent. Fruit a berry, with mucilaginous pulp and without pulp vesicles; endocarp fleshy. Seeds with membranous or fleshy seed coat; endosperm lacking; embryo straight; cotyledons elliptic, plano-convex, neither convolute nor folded; hypocotyl partly included between cotyledons.

In a cladistic analysis of selected species of subfamily Aurantioideae based on plastid DNA sequences and phytochemical features, R. Samuel et al. (Pl. Biol. 3: 77-87. 2001) proposed that Murraya is heterogeneous and that plants of M. sect. Bergera (J. Koenig ex Linnaeus) But & Y. C. Kong (including species 4-9 in the present enumeration) are generically distinct from those of M. sect. Murraya. However, as they pointed out, it is not clear yet whether Bergera is distinct from Clausena.

About 12 species: E, S, and SE Asia, Australia, SW Pacific islands; nine species (five endemic) in China.

(Authors: Zhang Dianxiang (张奠湘); Thomas G. Hartley)


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