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Myriopteron Griff.


Description from Flora of China

Lianas. Nodes with a prominent, lobed, interpetiolar flange. Inflorescences large axillary thyrses with a distinct main axis and regularly forked branches. Calyx glands 5. Flower buds narrowly ovoid. Corolla rotate or nearly so; tube short; lobes overlapping to right. Corona lobes linear, much longer than anthers. Stamens inserted at base of corona; filaments connate at base into a ring and alternate with minute interstaminal teeth; anthers connate at tips, adnate to stigma head, with apical appendages; pollen tetrads in masses. Stigma head convex. Follicles often paired, divergent to ± deflexed, ovoid, with ± attenuate tip, with many, prominent, papery, longitudinal wings.

One species: China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam.


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