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IBSC | Family List | Pteridophyta | Nephrolepidaceae

Nephrolepis Schott


Description from Flora of China

Lepidoneuron Fée.

Plants terrestrial or epiphytic. Rhizome erect, short, dictyostelic, producing long wiry stolons and sometimes tubers giving rise to new plants. Stipe tufted; lamina pinnate; pinnae sessile, articulate to rachis, lanceolate or falcate, base usually asymmetrical, often auriculate on upper side, margin crenate. Sori orbicular, terminal on a veinlet; indusia orbicular-reniform, often with a narrow sinus or lunulate, with broad sinus. x = 41.

About 20 species: most tropical regions of the world; five species (one introduced) in China.


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