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Pellacalyx Korth.


Description from Flora of China

Trees. Branchlets hollow. Stipules stellate. Leaves opposite; leaf blade margin entire or minutely dentate. Flowers fascicled or in branched glomerules, bracteolate. Calyx lobes (3 or)4 or 5(or 6). Petals as many as calyx lobes, outside densely puberulous, apically dentate. Stamens attached to mouth of calyx tube, twice as many as petals, inflexed, unequal in length; anthers subglobose, 4-loculed, longitudinally dehiscent. Ovary inferior, 5-10-loculed; ovules 8-25; style puberulous; stigma platelike or capitate, inconspicuously lobed. Fruit berries, subglobose. Seeds numerous, germinating after leaving tree; endosperm present; embryo filiform.

Seven or eight species: SW China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand; one species (endemic) in China.


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