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Prosaptia Presl


Description from Flora of China

Ctenopteris Blume ex Kunze.

Plants small to medium-sized, epiphytic, rarely petrophytic. Rhizomes dorsiventral, with stipes in 2 rows; scales subclathrate to clathrate, reddish brown, dark reddish brown, brown, dark brown, or dark grayish brown, with simple eglandular hairs, sometimes also with 1- or 2-forked hairs with eglandular branches on margin, sometimes simple eglandular hairs also on abaxial surface. Stipe articulate to rhizome, phyllopodia present. Lamina pinnatifid to pinnate; pinnae entire to lobed; venation free, pinnately branched in pinnae, veins simple or rarely 1-forked, vein endings without hydathodes on adaxial surface of lamina; hairs simple eglandular, solitary or tufted, or 1- or 2-forked with eglandular branches. Sori 1 to several per pinna, 1 per vein, usually sunken in marginal or submarginal pouches, or depressed in cavities on abaxial surface of lamina, sometimes on surface of lamina or slightly sunken in shallow depressions. Sporangia glabrous.

About 60 species: Sri Lanka and China to Australia and Pacific islands; seven species in China.

(Authors: Shannjye Moore (牟善杰); Barbara S. Parris)


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