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Saururus Linn.


Description from Flora of China

Saururopsis Turczaninow.

Herbs erect or ascending, rhizomatous. Stems longitudinally ridged and sulcate. Leaves entire; stipules membranous; petioles shorter than leaf blades. Inflorescence a raceme, opposite leaves or terminal. Flowers white when mature, small. Stamens usually 6, sometimes 8, rarely 3, longer than styles; filaments ca. as long as or slightly longer than anthers; anthers oblong. Pistils 4, 3- or 4-carpelled, with carpels distinct or connate at base; ovary superior; ovules 2-4 per carpel; styles 4, recurved. Fruit a schizocarp; mericarps 3 or 4, indehiscent. Seed 1 per mericarp.

Two species: E Asia, North America; one species in China.


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