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Thamnocalamus Munro


Description from Flora of China

Shrubby bamboos. Rhizomes short necked, pachymorph, neck to 25(–30) cm. Culms loosely to densely unicaespitose, basally erect, apically nodding to pendulous; internodes ± terete, glabrous, smooth, hollow; nodes prominent; buds ovoid, with complete sheathing, 2 branch initials visible. Branches initially 5 in mid-culm, without promontory, central slightly dominant, deflexed; internodes distinctly flattened; branchlets becoming long pendulous with very many nodes. Culm sheaths deciduous, usually shorter than internodes, apically rounded and narrow; blade usually erect and superficially contiguous with sheath, triangular or lanceolate. Leaves usually small; blade with conspicuous transverse veins. Inflorescence partially ebracteate, semelauctant, a partially condensed racemose panicle on leafy or leafless flowering branches, basal branches initially subtended by prominent spathelike bracts, not unilateral. Spikelets robust, 1- to many flowered, followed by a sterile floret, shortly pedicellate. Glumes 2; lemma many veined, long mucronate or shortly awned. Palea usually shorter than lemma, 2-keeled, obtuse. Lodicules 3, transparent. Stamens 3; filaments free, long exserted; anthers yellow. Ovary appendage absent or inconspicuous; style 1; stigmas usually 3, plumose. New shoots late summer–early autumn, fl. summer–autumn.

Other species published in Fargesia may also belong in this genus, but insufficient generic characteristics were given in their descriptions.

Two to four species: Bhutan, China, NE India, Nepal; one species in China.

(Authors: Li Dezhu (李德铢); Chris Stapleton)


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