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Trevesia Vis.


Description from Flora of China

Shrubs or trees, evergreen, hermaphroditic, with few to many spines, glabrous or stellate pubescent. Leaves simple, palmately lobed or appearing almost palmately compound, with a fanlike base and lobes constricted to midvein, margin serrate; stipules ligulate, partly or fully united. Inflorescence a terminal or pseudo-lateral raceme or panicle of umbels; bracts small to large, persistent or caducous. Pedicels not articulate below ovary. Calyx margin entire or minutely lobed. Petals 7-12, valvate, often cohering and calyptrate, falling as a single unit or abscissing separately. Stamens as many as petals. Ovary 6-16-carpellate; styles united into a short column. Fruit a drupe, globose to ovoid. Seeds depressed; endosperm uniform.

About 10 species: SE Asia, Indochina, India, Nepal; one species in SW China.

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