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24. Salix Sect. Vetrix Dumortier, Bijdr. Natuurk. Wetensch. 1(1): 55. 1826.

黄花柳组 huang hua liu zu

Description from Flora of China

Salix [unranked] Capreae Bluff & Fingerhuth.

Shrubs or small trees. Branchlets pubescent when young. Stipules reniform, semicordate, or semiorbicular, large; leaf blade ovate, elliptic, obovate, or obovate-oblong to obovate-lanceolate. Flowering precocious, rarely coetaneous or serotinous. Catkins globose to cylindric, usually thick and short; male catkin sessile female catkin sessile; peduncle short, rarely slightly long, often without leaflets; bracts 2-colored, densely long pubescent. Flowers with an adaxial gland. Male flower: stamens 2, distinct, rarely partly united. Female flower: ovary narrowly conical, rarely ovoid-conical, pilose, long stipitate; style short. Capsule valves usually revolute when dried.


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