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Vicatia DC.


Description from Flora of China

Herbs perennial. Taproot stout, short, sometimes branched. Stem single or 2–3, erect, branched above. Leaves petiolate, sheathing; blade triangular, ternate-2–3-pinnate, or 1–2-pinnate. Umbels compound, terminal on stem and branches; bracts few or absent; rays unequal; bracteoles several, entire; umbellules 8–20-flowered. Calyx teeth obsolete. Petals ovate or obovate, white or flushed purple, apex narrow inflexed, base clawed or cuneate. Stylopodium low conic or depressed; styles short, recurved. Fruit ovoid or oblong-ovoid, slightly laterally compressed, smooth; ribs filiform; vittae (1–)3–4(–5) in each furrow, (1–)4–6(–8) on commissure. Seed face deeply concave or sulcate. Carpophore 2-parted, sometimes to base.

This is a taxonomically problematic genus; see comments under Carum and Tongoloa.

About five species: Sino-Himalayan region, from Afghanistan to SW China; three species (one endemic) in China.

(Authors: Pu Fading (溥发鼎 Pu Fa-ting); Mark F. Watson)


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