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Rhoiptelea chiliantha

Description from Flora of China

Trees to 20 m tall, d.b.h. to 60 cm. Young branches, stipules, rachises, petioles, and inflorescences densely covered with yellowish white glands and pubescence. Branchlets densely covered with brownish yellow lenticels. Stipules leaflike, 3-6 mm, sessile. Petiole 3-4 cm; leaf blade 15-30(-40) cm, rachis sulcate and pubescent; leaflets (7 or)9 or 11(or 13), abaxially pubescent and glandular on veins or vein axils, adaxially pubescent on midvein; lateral leaflets oblong-lanceolate, proximal ones shorter, oblique, elliptic-ovate; terminal leaflet lanceolate; secondary veins (9-)14-20 on each side of midvein. Inflorescence branches 15-30(-38) cm. Nutlets brownish yellow when mature, obpyriform, slightly compressed, 2-3 mm, with grayish brown glands, 4-ribbed on each side; wings ± rounded to ellipsoid, 5-8 mm wide; mesocarp brown, woody, irregularly verrucose; endocarp white. Seeds fleshy, elliptic, ca. 2 mm. Fl. Oct-Jan, fr. Jul-Aug.

The fine wood is used in building and to make furniture and utensils.

Hill slopes, valleys, streamside woods; 700-2500 m. N and W Guangxi, S Guizhou, SE Yunnan [N Vietnam].


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