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Actinodaphne glaucina

Description from Flora of China

Trees, up to 10 m tall. Young branchlets ferruginous tomentose and becoming glabrous. Leaves 5-9-crowded at apex of branchlet, nearly verticillate; petiole 12-20 mm, ferruginous tomentose; leaf blade long lanceolate, 13-28(-34) × 2.5-4(-8) cm, pubescent abaxially when young and gradually becoming glabrous, ferruginous tomentose along midrib adaxially when young, pinninerved, midrib prominent on both surfaces, lateral veins 10 pairs, transverse veins slender, base attenuate or acute, apex acute or acuminate. Fruiting inflorescences umbelliform, solitary, with 4 or 5 fruits at each fruiting inflorescence; peduncles 2-6 mm, appressed pubescent. Fruit globose, 7-10 mm in diam., black at maturity, seated on slightly flat shallowly disciform perianth tube; fruiting pedicel ca. 5 mm, slightly enlarged at apex, appressed pubescent. Fr. Oct.

● Mixed forests (rarely collected). Hainan.


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