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Bauhinia variegata

Description from Flora of China

Trees, deciduous, to 15 m tall. Bark dark brownish, nearly smooth; branches gray puberulent when young, later glabrous. Petiole 2.5-3.5 cm; leaf blade suborbicular or broadly ovate, 5-9 × 7-11 cm, subleathery, abaxially almost glabrous, adaxially glabrous, primary veins 9-13, secondary and higher order veins protruding, base shallowly to deeply cordate, apex bifid to 1/3, lobes rounded at apex. Inflorescence a raceme, few flowered, sometimes corymblike, axillary or terminal. Flower buds fusi­form, smooth, subsessile. Calyx open as a spathe into 2 lobes. Petals white, or with pink or purplish spots, obovate or oblan­ceolate, 4-5 cm, clawed. Fertile stamens 5; filaments ca. as long as petals, slender. Staminodes 1-5 and small, or ?absent. Ovary stalked, puberulent; style curved; stigma small. Legume linear, flat, 15-25 × 1.5-2 cm; valves woody. Seeds 10-15, com­pressed, suborbicular, ca. 10 mm in diam. Fl. Feb-May, fr. Mar-Jul. 2n = 28.

Tropical forests, also cultivated; 1000-1500 m. Native in S Yun­nan (Xishuangbanna); widely cultivated in S China [Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam; widely cultivated in the tropics and sub­tropics].


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    WM Lo (
    For the Chinese names of Bauhinia blakeana (the city flower of Hongkong) and Bauhinia variegata, we commonly call them 洋紫荊 and 宮粉羊蹄甲 in Hongkong and they are also adopted in the Checklist of Hong Kong Plants 2004. This is different from that of FOC, Chinese Plant Name and South China Botanical Garden Checklist in efloras. Kindly clarify the discrepancy.

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