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Lespedeza inschanica

Description from Flora of China

Lespedeza juncea (Linnaeus f.) Persoon var. inschanica Maximowicz, Trudy Imp. S.-Peterburgsk. Bot. Sada 2: 371. 1873; L. cystoides Nakai var. inschanica (Maximowicz) Nakai; L. hedysaroides (Pallas) Kitagawa var. inschanica (Maximo­wicz) Kitagawa; L. inschanica var. flava S. L. Tung & Z. Lu.

Subshrubs or perennial herbs, to 80 cm tall. Stems erect or ascending, pubescent above. Leaves 3-foliolate; petiole 3-10 mm; leaflets oblong or obovate-oblong, terminal one 1-2.5 × 1-1.5 cm, abaxially densely adpressed hairy, adaxially subgla­brous, base broadly cuneate or rounded, apex obtuse-rounded or emarginate. Racemes axillary, subequal to leaves, 2-6-flow­ered. Calyx 5-6 mm, 5-lobed; lobes lanceolate, distinctly 3-veined and ciliate, upper 2 lobes connate above middle. Corolla white; standard suborbicular, ca. 7 × 5.4 mm, base with large purple spots, apex emarginate, reflexed at anthesis; wings ob­long, 5-6 × 1-1.5 mm; keel ca. 6.5 mm, often mixed with pur­ple at apex. Legume obovoid, ca. 4 × 2 mm, shorter than persis­tent calyx, densely adpressed hairy.

Arid mountain slopes. Anhui, Gansu, Hebei, Hubei, Hunan, Jiang­su, Liaoning, Nei Mongol, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan [Japan, Korea].


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