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Atalantia acuminata

Description from Flora of China

Trees 2-6 m tall, whole plant glabrous. Branchlets slender, with 2-5 mm spines. Petiole 3-6(-8) mm, adaxially shallowly canaliculate; leaflet blade lanceolate, 6-12 × 2-4 cm, secondary veins numerous and conspicuous, base narrowly cuneate, margin entire, apex acuminate. Inflorescences axillary, racemose, 3-9-flowered. Flowers 1-1.5 cm in diam. Calyx lobes 4, broadly ovate, ca. 2 mm. Petals white, 8-10 mm. Stamens 8, slightly shorter than petals; filaments broad, distinct or sometimes cohering in phalanges, apex acute. Ovary ellipsoid, without large oil glands, 3- or 4-loculed, with 1 or 2 ovules per locule, apex narrow; style 4-5 mm; stigma capitate. Fruit globose, 1.2-1.5 cm in diam., oil glands dense, large, and conspicuously concave when dry. Fl. May, fr. Oct.

Forests and thickets on limestone mountains; 700-900 m. W Guangxi, SE Yunnan [N Vietnam].


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