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Loeseneriella concinna

Description from Flora of China

Lianas; branchlets slender, glabrous, early brown-purple, then gray, conspicuously scabrous-lenticellate. Petiole 2-4 mm; leaf blade oblong-elliptic, (3-)4-7 × (1.2-)1.5-3.5 cm, papery, shiny, base rounded, margin sparsely denticulate; lateral veins 4-6 pairs, reticulate veins conspicuous. Cymes axillary or terminal, 2-3.5 cm, few flowered; peduncle slender, 15-18 mm, glabrescent; bracts and bractlets deltoid, less than 1 mm, margin ciliolate; pedicel 5-7 mm, pubescent. Flowers light yellow; sepals deltoid, ca. 0.7 × 1 mm, margin slightly ciliolate; petals oblong-lanceolate, 4-5 × 1.5-2 mm, thin, fleshy, margin ciliolate, apex abaxially appendiculate. Disk fleshy, cupular, ca. 1.5 mm tall, base subpentagonous, 2-2.5 mm in diam. Filaments ca. 1.3 mm; anthers slightly globose. Ovary triangular, partially concealed in disk, 3-loculed; ovules 4 per locule; style conic-subulate, ca. 1 mm, apex truncate. Fruit 1-3-fascicled capsules, peduncle not dilated; capsule obovate-elliptic, 3-5 × 2-3.5 cm, apex emarginate, 4-seeded. Seeds ca. 3 × 2 cm. Fl. May-Jun, fr. Oct-Dec.

● Valley forests, eastern regions and inshore islands. Guangdong, SE Guangxi.


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