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Loeseneriella lenticellata

Description from Flora of China

Lianas; branchlets gray-green, compressed, grooved, becoming bottle-green with age, glabrous, densely lenticellate; lenticels small, rounded. Petiole 5-6 mm; leaf blade lanceolate or broadly lanceolate, 7-12(-21) × 2.5-3(-7.5) cm, leathery, glabrous, adaxially shiny, base cuneate, margin distally sparsely denticulate, apex long caudate; lateral veins 6-8 pairs, adaxially and abaxially prominent, reticulate veins conspicuous. Cymes few, 3-4 cm; branchlets and pedicels slender, farinose, pubescent; bracts and bractlets deltoid, less than 1 mm; peduncle typically 2-2.5 cm; pedicel ca. 0.5 mm. Flowers yellow-green; sepals membranous, ovate-deltoid, densely farinose, pubescent; petals lanceolate, 6-7 mm, margin ciliolate, apex acute. Disk fleshy, base subpentagonous, ca. 3.5 mm in diam. Filaments ca. 1.5 mm; anthers nearly globose. Ovary triangular, concealed in disk; style ca. 1 mm, apex truncate. Fruits 3-fascicled capsules, base attenuate to a dilated peduncle; capsule ovate-oblong, 5-6.5 × 2.5-4 cm, apex rounded, 4- or 5-seeded. Seeds ca. 2.8 × 2 cm, base broadly winged. Fl. May-Jun, fr. Aug-Oct.

This name was originally published by S. Y. Bao (in W. P. Fang, FRPS 46: 290. 1981) but not validly so because two gatherings were indicated as types (Vienna Code, Art. 37.2).

● Sparse forest valleys; 600-1100 m. W Guangxi, S Yunnan.


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