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Allophylus repandifolius

Description from Flora of China

Shrubs, ca. 1 m tall. Branchlets slightly zigzag, grayish white, with scattered orbicular lenticels, only young leaves sparsely pubescent. Leaves unifoliolate; petiole 2-3.1 cm; leaflets shortly petiolate; blades abaxially pale green, adaxially deep green, obovate-cuneate, 20-30 × 7-10 cm, papery, abaxially glabrous, lateral veins 15 pairs per side, arched, upper several pairs reaching tips of teeth, base narrowly cuneate, upper 1/3 shallowly wavy toothed or lobed, apex caudate-acuminate. Flowers unknown. Infructescences unbranched or with 1 or 2 short branches, erect, 4-10 cm, sparsely pubescent. Fruit obovoid, ca. 8 mm, glabrous or pilosulose. Fr. autumn.

● Forests; ca. 400 m. Hainan (Wanning).


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