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Elaeocarpus sphaerocarpus

Description from Flora of China

Trees to 25 m tall. Branchlets terete, thin, minutely striate, yellowish brown tomentose. Petiole 1.5-3.5 cm, yellowish brown tomentose; leaf blade broadly lanceolate-ovate, ovate, oblong, or elliptic, 8.5-15 × 5-6 cm, abaxially yellowish pubescent, densely so on veins, adaxially glabrous, lateral veins 9 or 10 per side, ± parallel, prominently raised abaxially, slightly impressed adaxially, veinlets prominent abaxially, conspicuous adaxially, base acute, sometimes rounded, slightly oblique, margin minutely crenate, apex acuminate. Racemes usually in axils of fallen leaves, 10-12 cm, multi-flowered; peduncles yellow-brown tomentose. Pedicel 3-4 mm, pubescent, without persistent bracteoles. Flowers bisexual; buds ovoid or nearly globose. Sepals 5, lanceolate, 4.5-5 × ca. 2 mm, both surfaces puberulent, more densely so along keel, margin ciliate, apex acuminate. Petals 5, 4-5 × 3.2-3.6 mm, abaxially glabrous, adaxially pubescent at base, margin pubescent, laciniate; segments 25-30. Stamens 30; filaments ca. 1 mm, puberulent; anthers 2-2.5 mm, not awned but with hairs at apices. Disk 5-lobed, densely tomentose. Ovary densely tomentose, 3-loculed; style pubescent on lower 1/2. Drupe ellipsoid, 2-3 × ca. 1.8 cm, yellowish tomentose; exocarp inconspicuous; endocarp smooth, 1- or 2-loculed. Fl. Apr-May, fr. Aug-Sep.

● Rain forests; 600-1700 m. S Yunnan.


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