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Pyrenaria kwangsiensis

Description from Flora of China

Tutcheria kwangsiensis (Hung T. Chang) Hung T. Chang & C. X. Ye.

Trees 9-15(-20) m tall. Current year branchlets glabrous. Petiole 1-1.5(-2) cm, glabrous; leaf blade oblong to oblong-obovate, 10-17 × 3-5(-6) cm, leathery, glabrous, secondary veins 9-13 on each side of midvein and evident on both surfaces, base cuneate, margin serrulate, apex acuminate. Flowers axillary, solitary, 5-6 cm in diam. Pedicel 3-6 mm, thick, pubescent; bracteoles 2, broadly ovate to semiorbicular, 2-6 × 5-8 mm, leathery, outside densely brown sericeous. Sepals 5, unequal in size, reniform to orbicular, outside densely brown sericeous, inside glabrous; outer 2 sepals 5-8 × 8-12 mm; inner 3 sepals 1-1.3 × 1.5-2 cm. Petals 5, white, obovate, 2-2.5 × ca. 2 cm, outside sericeous. Stamens numerous; filaments glabrous; outer filament whorl basally slightly connate and adnate to petals. Ovary ovoid, densely sericeous, (4 or)5-loculed; style 5-7 mm, apex (4 or)5-lobed. Fruit drupaceous, globose to oblate, longitudinally 5-grooved, 2 seeds per locule, indehiscent; when fresh green, 4-8 cm in diam., pericarp ca. 1 cm thick and fleshy; when dry brown, 3-4 cm in diam., pericarp 2-4 mm thick and slightly woody to spongy. Seeds reniform, 1-2 cm, shiny. Fl. Jun-Jul, fr. Oct-Nov.

● Dense forests; 800-1400 m. NE Guangxi.


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