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Styrophyton caudatum

Description from Flora of China

Anerincleistus caudatus Diels, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 65: 101. 1932; Allomorphia caudata (Diels) H. L. Li; Oxyspora spicata J. F. Maxwell.

Shrubs 1-2(-?5) m tall, erect. Stems terete, densely villous. Petiole 1.5-5.5 cm, densely villous; leaf blade ovate to broadly ovate, 10-21 × 6-13(-16) cm, papery to stiffly papery, densely strigose when young but later scabrous, abaxially densely villous, secondary veins 2 on each side of midvein, tertiary veins inconspicuous, base rounded to subcordate, margin entire and ciliate, apex acute to shortly acuminate. Inflorescences terminal, spicate, 13-20(-26) cm, densely villous. Flowers solitary or in clusters of 3-5, small. Hypanthium campanulate, 2-2.5 mm, densely setose. Calyx lobes shortly triangular to obtusely triangular, ca. 0.5 mm. Petals pink or white, obovate to broadly obovate, ca. 1.5 mm, very shortly unguiculate, oblique, furfuraceous, apex obtuse and retuse or 1- or 2-denticulate. Stamens ca. 3 mm; filaments equal in length to anthers. Ovary ovoid, apically furfuraceous. Capsule ovoid-globular, 2- 2.5 × ca. 2 mm, conspicuously longitudinally 8-ribbed, densely setose, apex with a ring of setose trichomes. Fl. May-Jun, fr. Oct-Jan.

● Dense mixed forests, moist places, stream banks, valleys, thickets; 400-1500 m. Guangxi, Yunnan.


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