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Ardisia crassinervosa

Description from Flora of China

Ardisia aquifolioides W. Z. Fang & K. Yao; A. crassirhiza Z. X. Li & F. W. Xing ex C. M. Hu; A. nervosa E. Walker (1940), not H. R. Fletcher (1937).

Shrubs ca. 2 m tall, glabrous. Branchlets angular, 1-1.5 mm in diam., reddish glandular papillate. Petiole canaliculate, 3-5 mm; leaf blade elliptic, oblanceolate, or rarely obovate, 10-17 × 3-6 cm, leathery, glabrous, base cuneate, margin somewhat undulate with vascularized nodules, apex acute or subacuminate; lateral veins numerous, raised on both surfaces, marginal vein conspicuous. Inflorescences terminal, simple or compound subumbellate, on specialized lateral branches 8-20 cm and with 2 or 3 subapical leaves. Flowers papery, pink, purplish, or white, 5-6 mm. Pedicel ca. 1 mm, punctate at least when young. Sepals broadly ovate to suborbicular, 3.8-4 mm, densely orange punctate, glabrous, base auriculate, margin entire, scarious, apex rounded or obtuse. Petals nearly free, ovate, densely punctate, densely glandular granulose adaxially, glabrous abaxially, margin entire, opaque, apex obtuse. Stamens subequalling petals; filaments much shorter than anthers; anthers lanceolate, longitudinally dehiscent, epunctate or inconspicuously punctate dorsally, apex apiculate. Pistil subequalling petals; ovary glabrous, punctate; ovules ca. 9, uniseriate. Fruit red, globose, ca. 9 mm in diam., densely punctate. Fl. Jan-Jul, fr. Jul-Jan.

* Dense broad-leaved forests, hillsides, scrub, open fields, valleys, damp places, along streams; 100-1800 m. Hainan


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