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Androsace laxa

Description from Flora of China

Herbs perennial, laxly cespitose. Shoots purplish brown, sparsely villous, internodes 0.8--2 cm, with old leaf rosettes on nodes. Leaves dimorphic. Outer leaves sessile, spatulate to oblanceolate, 3.5--6 X 1.5--2 mm, ciliate, abaxially ± pubescent. Petiole of inner leaves 3--7 mm, narrowly winged by decurrent leaf blade; leaf blade elliptic to suborbicular, 6--16 X 2.5--7 mm, sparsely villous, base short attenuate, apex obtuse to subrounded. Scapes 1.5--5.5 cm, spreading white villous; umbels 3--6(--8)-flowered; bracts lanceolate to narrowly oblong, 2--3.5 mm, sparsely pilose, ciliate, base slightly gibbous, apex acute to subobtuse. Pedicel 2.5--5 mm, elongating to 8 mm in fruit, sparsely villous. Calyx ca. 2.5 mm, sparsely pubescent, parted to middle; lobes narrowly ovate, densely ciliate, apex obtuse. Corolla pink, 5--6 mm in diam.; lobes obovate, apex subrounded. Fl. Jun-Jul.

* Rocky mountain slopes, woodland margins; 2700--3600 m. W Hubei, S Shanxi, E Sichuan.


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