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Euryodendron H. T. Chang


Description from Flora of China

Trees, evergreen. Leaf blade margin serrate. Flowers bisexual, axillary, solitary or to 3 on leafy branchlets or congested in clusters to 9 on leafless branches, pedicellate. Bracteoles 2, persistent, inserted on apical portion of pedicel. Sepals 5, imbricate, persistent, unequal. Petals 5, imbricate, basally slightly connate. Stamens numerous, in 1 whorl, distinct; anthers ovate, with filiform trichomes, connective exserted. Ovary superior, 3-loculed with 10-12 ovules per locule, placentation axile; ovules distichously arranged; style 1, simple. Fruit baccate, 3-loculed with 4-6 seeds per locule. Seeds brown, subreniform, foveolate, shiny.

● One species: China.


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