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Dichroa mollissima

Description from Flora of China

Shrubs ca. 2 m tall. Branchlets, petioles, and adaxial surface of leaf blades villous. Branchlets gray-yellow to brown, terete, glabrescent. Petiole 2-4 cm; leaf blade oblong-elliptic to -obovate, 8-16 × 2.5-6.5 cm, papery, abaxially densely villous, adaxially glabrous, secondary veins 5-8 on both sides of midvein, tertiary veins adaxially elevated, base cuneate, margin sparsely serrate distally from middle, apex acuminate to caudate. Inflorescence a corymbose cyme, 5-7 × ca. 10 cm. Flower buds subglobose, ca. 2.5 cm. Calyx tube cupular, ca. 1.5 mm; lobes 5, ovate, ca. 1 mm, glabrous, apex acute to acuminate. Petals white or blue. Stamens 10-12; filaments subulate, 1.2-2 mm; anthers reflexed, ovoid-ellipsoid, adnate to filament in bud. Ovary semi-inferior. Styles 3 or 4, robust, ca. 1.5 mm; stigma subglobose. Berry oblong, ca. 4.5 × 6 mm, pubescent or gla-brous. Seeds ellipsoid, slightly oblique. Fl. Jun-Jul, fr. Sep-Dec.

* Mixed forests in valleys; 1000-1800 m. Hainan.


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