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Polygonum paronychioides

Description from Flora of China

Polygonum englerianum H. Gross; P. himalayense H. Gross.

Subshrubs prostrate or ascending, 5-15 cm tall, papillate. Petiole short, articulate; leaf blade green, linear, 8-15 × 0.7-1.5 mm, both surfaces scabrous, midvein conspicuous, base narrowly cuneate, margin revolute, apex spinose; ocrea broadly lanceolate, 5-8 mm, thinly membranous, hyaline, margin lacerate, apex acute. Flower solitary, axillary; bracts lanceolate, longer than perianth. Pedicel very short. Perianth pinkish, 5-cleft to 1/2; tepals unequal, outer 2 narrowly lanceolate, ca. 2 mm, apex acuminate, inner 3 elliptic, short, apex obtuse. Stamens 8; filaments dilated at base. Achenes included in persistent perianth, shiny, narrowly ellipsoid, trigonous, ca. 2 mm, smooth. Fl. Jun-Aug, fr. Jul-Sep.

Gravelly mountain slopes; ca. 3500 m. W Xizang (Zanda) [Afghanistan, Kashmir, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan; SW Asia].


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